Artists L9 Exhibition ‘Ground’

Artists L9 launched their collective Exhibition, ‘Ground’ at MLV Studios on Thursday, 30th May 6pm – 8pm. 

“The Ground swelled up and spoke of that below

And we kneeled – to listen- so that we should know”

‘Ground’ is an exhibition that explores our relationship to permanence and place.  The ground may represent this apparent stability.   Throughout human history the ground has taken symbolic and spiritual forms, in recognition of its importance in our collective consciousness.  It is a place of birth, protection and nourishment, belonging and our place of death.  It is the constant beneath our feet.  Yet it is fragile, subject to natural forces and human exploitation.  This fragility can lead us to question ourselves, our place, our beliefs.  The artists in this exhibition explore the curiosity that arises when we acknowledge this vulnerability.

The Exhibition runs from 30th May until 2nd June, 2019

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