David Glassey’s practice has evolved through the study of painting and art history with particular focus on aspects of place, whether natural or constructed. The qualities of topography and the evolution of structures inform and contextualise David’s exploration of painting and drawing.

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Linda Hederman creates installations using various media: drawing; sculpture; photography; video. She focuses on underlying psychological aspects and personal themes that most challenge her  such as sexuality, memory and ancestors.  Her practice is an intimate communion between herelf and her work.
She won the Grand prize at the NCAD CEAD show in 2017.

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Jennifer Hennessy in her artwork likes to study the essence of things and marvel at the magic of natural phenomena, the greenness of green or the light in the sky. She often looks deeply into something simple and scale it up to magnify it’s beauty or simplicity. She tries to evoke emotions in the viewer. She mainly works with large scale oil on canvas and can also introduce new materials and installations to reinforce a theme. She takes her inspiration from painters such as Liliane Tomasko and Georgia O’Keefe and installation work by Siobhan Hapaska.

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Daniela Monza believes the role of an artist is to look for new connections and possibilities and this is the basis of all her creativity. She considers herself mainly a conceptual artist, all starts with an idea, a concept or an emotion she wants to represent; mediums and style are defined and shaped by the concept behind the artwork. Most of her work is project driven, so that every body of work has specific characteristics, different from the others. Materials play special role in defining both the process and the final output through a process of experimentation. Artist available for private commissions

Sinéad O’Connor‘s current focus is in allowing the material to drive her practice. In the initial research stage of her practice, the choice of material has primary importance. She acknowledges that the material itself conveys a message, both in its formality and its meaning in a society. Her work is mainly abstract, giving the material a stronger voice.

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Ursula Celano is a well known Dublin based illustrator and designer.  Her prints on stationery and textiles were on sale all over the country from 2012 bringing her awards, publicity and acclaim but turning a consuming hobby into an unloved business.  In a retreat from commercialism she has changed direction and has focused on painting and illustration since 2015.  Her work is mainly in oils and figurative.  She joined L9 in 2019. Her local environment and family featuring strongly.  As part of L9 Ursula intents to interpret the traditional history painting – incorporating people, place and narrative.


Paul McElroy is a Dublin based street photographer, with a passion for creating photography which tells a story through expression, colour, and light.  Being a Street Photographer is about sensing a moment and having an attitude of bravery while accepting failures.   Paul joined L9 in 2019 and his goal is to incorporate light and movement into his street photography work.

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