2019 Exhibition ‘Ground’

‘Ground’ ….. Exhibition curated by Artists L9 Collective

Artists L9 launched their collective Exhibition, ‘Ground’ at MLV Studios on Thursday, 30th May 6pm – 8pm. 

“The Ground swelled up and spoke of that below

And we kneeled – to listen- so that we should know”

‘Ground’ is an exhibition that explores our relationship to permanence and place.  The ground may represent this apparent stability.   Throughout human history the ground has taken symbolic and spiritual forms, in recognition of its importance in our collective consciousness.  It is a place of birth, protection and nourishment, belonging and our place of death.  It is the constant beneath our feet.  Yet it is fragile, subject to natural forces and human exploitation.  This fragility can lead us to question ourselves, our place, our beliefs.  The artists in this exhibition explore the curiosity that arises when we acknowledge this vulnerability.

The Reception

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The works

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Hennessy and Hederman explore the notion of safety and place.  Hennessy looks at peoples divided responses to the European Immigration crisis.  We divide the ground with borders and call the place home.  What happens when home is no longer a safe place?   In comparison, she studies bird migration and the freedom of living without borders, the ability to move at will.   Hederman looks to loss and grief. Home and family are things we consider permanent, they shape us and provide us with protection.  Grief makes visible the illusion of permanence.

Monza and O’Connor explore the notion of no place, of virtual worlds and encounters. We have created a vast information store and an immediate connectivity with people all over the world.   O’Connor questions how reliable this information is and the impact of that uncertainty.  Monza explores how virtual relationships exist outside borders and how intimacy can occur over great distances.

Glassey looks to an internal place, a place of thought and creativity which flows and finds resolve on the canvas ground.

Together, through the creative process, the Artists in this group have ‘knelt to listen’ to find some resolution on questions of life and death, vulnerability and impermanence, place and home.

The Exhibition runs from 30th May until 2nd June, 2019

Calendar of Events: 

Opening  – Thursday 30th, 6-8pm

Open Studio – Friday 31st, 5pm

Finger Food – Saturday 1st, 3-5pm

Affordable Art Fair – Sunday 2nd, 12-5pm                https://artistsl9.wordpress.com/affordable-art-fair/

Opening hours and location: https://artistsl9.wordpress.com/ground/